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Monitoring & Evaluation

The ACDEP M&E unit is one of the institutional support units in ACDEP with responsibility to ensure that project planning and implementation is effectively and efficiently carried out in a way that shows results throughout the implementation phase of all its programmes and projects. This responsibility includes the timely and accuracy of data collection, efficient use of data and information for analysis and reporting on programme/project progress to donors and also for institutional growth and learning. The unit performs its tasks using participatory, result-oriented processes to ensure that M&E activities and functions is serving as a tool for providing timely feedback on programme/project progress, for reporting both to donors and project stakeholders and as well as enhance institutional learning and decision making processes.

The unit works with all the ACDEP programme/projects namely the Agricultural Value Chains Programme which consists of the Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP) component being implemented by ACDEP, the AGRA-FOSCA sponsored Farmer’s Cooperative Development Project (FCDP), Agri-business Financial Services (ABFS), ACDEP Health Programme and Connect for Change (C4C). These programmes/projects operate in the whole of northern Ghana as well in seven districts in Brong Ahafo region for the NRGP programme.

The purpose of the M&E unit

The purpose of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit is to provide reliable information on progress of all ACDEP’s result-oriented programmes and project by focusing on measuring progress towards the achievement of overall programme and project outputs, outcomes and impact as an integral part of ACDEP strategic direction of improving service delivery to its programme/project beneficiaries.

Specific Objectives of the M&E unit

  • To design tool/formats, collect, process, analyse and manage data for evidence based decision making at all times using indicators defined in project logframes and performance measurement framework/plans (collect sex disaggregated data)
  • To verify whether activities have been implemented as planned to ensure accountability and efficiency in resource use and address problems that have emerged in a timely manner.
  • To undertake both onsite and offsite monitoring of project activities, indicators and overall performance.
  • To assist in project evaluation planning and execution internally or externally.
  • To support overall project monitoring, quality assurance and reporting needs of its programmes and projects ACDEP has set up a comprehensive M &E database to manage all the data needs for all the programmes/projects.

Support Services/Functions performed by the M & E Unit

  1. The unit manages the institutional level database/MIS for all ACDEP projects and programmes that is collect, store and manage the data for
  • For reporting to stakeholders and donors
  • Provide timely feedback on programme/project progress
  • For decision making to improve upon implementation
  • Knowledge sharing and learning
  1. The unit takes part in project design (ensuring the full integration of M & E issues and frameworks in the design phase as well as adequately budgeting for M & E activities)
  2. Prepare and submit all M & E reports on behalf of projects to donors within stipulated timelines whilst ensuring accuracy and completeness of data
  3. Develop M&E policies, procedures and processes (monitoring checklist, methodologies for surveys and case studies etc)
  4. Participate in baseline surveys and project evaluations as well as any other survey to be undertaken by programmes/projects
  5. Undertake field trips to address issues relating to the proper documentation and reporting on project activities to ensure the smooth running programmes/projects
  6. Liaise with implementing partners and field staff to track project activities to ensure compliance with project agreements, logframes and performance measurement frameworks
  7. Provide M & E orientation for new staff as well as capacity building and refresher training on M & E database for existing project staff
  8. Undertake project monitoring through site visits, review of project reports and analysis of performance monitoring and other data
  9. Develops terms of referenceand coordinate midterm, lessons learned as well as end of project evaluations of projects

Other Responsibilities

  1. Participate in training programs and/or other agency-sponsored activities as may be directed by Management.
  2. Carry out any other assignments as may be directed by Management

Details of Contact Person (Programme Head)

Kyiu Margaret Ama

Association of Church-Based Development NGOs (ACDEP) in northern Ghana

P.O. Box 1411

Gumani Rice City 70 - Gumani Road, Tamale, NR – Ghana

Tamale, NR, Ghana

Tel: + 233 3720 23807/26449; Fax: +233 3720 23808

Mobile: +233 242279587/268784142/203438395

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