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Vision & Philosophy

ACDEP, established in 1977, was transformed from a loose, informal network into an independent NGO in 1995. It established its own Secretariat in 1997. Its first direct funding for the establishment of ACDEP as an NGO with the necessary administrative structures was provided by ICCO and CORDAID in 1999. This transformation has been progressive with cautious growth towards:

• Becoming an independent, autonomous, formal organization (as an independent NGO).

• Defining a vision, mission, and role in the overall development effort of the churches and the needs of the poor in northern Ghana

• Defining areas of development intervention

Defining Our Strategic Vision and Development Priorities
The process of defining our philosophy, vision, mission, and role as a development actor has been an intensive and extensive process. It required a series of consultations, reflection and debate involving the member NGOs, the churches, other NGOs and relevant government institutions. We received the support of organizational development experts and the wise counsel of the churches.

ACDEP’s Vision, Mission, and Role

Our Development Philosophy

ACDEP is a development network. It is a Christian organisation affiliated to the member Churches of the Christian Council of Ghana, and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference. Consequently ACDEP draws its development philosophy, policies, and working principles from the teachings of the Churches; the same principles that guide the work of member NGOs (stations) or projects. As a development network, ACDEP believes in the principle of co-operation among members and between development institutions. As a network ACDEP believes in the principles of democracy, transparency, cost effectiveness, accountability, and collective responsibility. The association is managed by the members themselves. ACDEP is not a channel for direct funding to the stations / projects of the churches. ACDEP is concerned about effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and impact of the member NGO’s or projects in particular and development assistance in general. We believe that the church-based NGO’s collectively are an important and effective means for reaching out to people. The promotion of socio-economic development and social justice is a Christian responsibility. In the present circumstance where the capacity and resources of government institutions are limited, the churches’ participation in socio-economic development of the citizenry is a moral obligation on the church. In this effort, we believe that the individual actions are enhanced by an effective collaboration, co-operation, sharing, learning, and mutual support while respecting the individuality of the projects, stations, and the churches.

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