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Program Implementation Approach

Program Implementation Approaches

ACDEP is recognized not only as a highly skilled program delivery partner, but also as an acknowledged innovator and leader in the design and delivery of successful, sustainable development programs.

This delivery is underpinned by our 40+ member NGO's across the 3 northern regions of Ghana. These NGO's or stations are based in the communities and consequently know and understand the communities they serve. Recently, we have taken further steps to streamline and strengthen these connections with the opening of new branch Secretariat offices in Bolgatanga and Wa.

We recognise that there is no such thing as "one size fits all" implementation model and so at ACDEP we have developed a variety of implementation approaches which we tailor to each individual requirement:

"Lessons learned" based approach:

Perhaps our most used approach consists of the following flow:

We begin by conducting a detailed discovery phase to create a benchmark report. We then create a number of different approaches aimed at resolving the issue at hand. These approaches are in turn tested amongst different stations and communities and the outcomes clearly documented which in turn enables us to recommend a single effective approach which we then implement.

This implementation can be managed either through our network of stations or directly with the communities as required. Whenever possible we mainstream this outcome with other development actors in similar practice areas to assist with the adoption of successful development practice.

Programmes using this model include FAMAR and ASRH.

Implementation Only Approach

Out of the many, wide-ranging programmes ACDEP has been involved in over the past years, we have managed to develop a core expertise around the implementation of development programmes. This is supported by a broad geographic distribution through the Secretariat's own branch offices within the 3 regions we serve, and through our partner stations. This is in turn underpinned by a strong organisational capacity around programme administration and cost tracking, reporting and personnel management.

We are now in a position to leverage this infrastructure to deliver implementation programmes. In this scenario ACDEP operate as "the ground force" for other NGO's who share similar values and development strategies. We are able to build up programme teams very quickly based around our own core employees and manage them effectively to successfully deliver clearly defined objectives. ADVANCE is an example of this approach.
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