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Governance & Transparancy

Governance and Transparency

The ACDEP Secretariat aspires to the very highest ethical levels of governance and transparency in all their dealings both internally and externally.

The Secretariat is ultimately responsible to the ACDEP members for all of their work. In order to facilitate matters an active Executive Committee has been created by the Members to oversee ACDEP Secretariat activities.

The current members of this board are:

Joshua Nyaaba – Chairman

Rita Ayeebo – Vice Chair-Person

Malex Alebikiya – Secretary and Executive Director of the ACDEP Secretariat

Timothy Kipo – Member

John Awumbilla – Member

Rudolf Abanga – Member

This board meets every 1-2 months and has fiduciary responsibility for all ACDEP activities.

Our auditors are Sappor & Agyekwena, Chartered Accountants, PO Box 3, Tamale, Ghana and we hold bank accounts with Standard Chartered, Bonzali Rural Bank, Barclays and Stanbic.

Registration and Tax Compliance

ACDEP was first registered as an NGO on 19th August 1994 registration number C-56907

As legislation has developed ACDEP has also registered a certificate to commence business with a tax reference of TIN: 624V050963.

ACDEP operates in full compliance with all Ghanaian laws governing NGO's and is fully registered at the Department of Social Welfare "rendering selfless social services to humanity" under certificate of recognition number 642.

As part of this process audited accounts are submitted to the Registrar General every year to ensure the renewal of this mandate. In addition a standard, signed management letter is produced by, our auditors.

As a legal requirement audited accounts are submitted to the Registrar General every year to ensure the renewal of our legal status. ACDEP prepares final accounts at the end of December each year. The accounts are audited by our auditors, Sappor and Agyekwena Chartered Accountants. A standard , signed management letter is produced by our auditors which, together with copies of our audited accounts are sent to our funding partners.
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