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National NGO
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ACDEP is an ecumenical network of church-sponsored development projects. It is the largest and most experienced NGO and rural development agency in Northern Ghana. We are looked up to by government and NGOs in the region as a pioneer, a pace-setter and an important partner in the socio-economic development of the region. Starting in 1977 as a loose, informal gathering of church development professionals for the purpose of sharing experiences, ACDEP has gradually transformed itself to provide a forum and a framework to enable and manage collaboration between our 40+ member NGOs and government organizations. The Secretariat can effectively act as single point of access to implementing NGOs providing services across 800+ communities, across the 3 northern regions of Ghana. The projects range in focus across development areas: water, rehabilitation, agricultural, health and nutrition.

To strengthen the development initiatives of the individual churches and to provide a collective platform for the participation of churches in the socio-economic development of Northern Ghana.


“Sustainable socio-economic development of the people in Northern Ghana through an effective network of church – based institutions and other relevant partners.”

To develop and demonstrate alternative development strategies to reaching, benefiting and empowering the rural poor.
To improve the knowledge and skills of field staff through educational tours, workshops, and in-service training.
To bring all ACDEP member projects together for the purpose of sharing experiences.
Partner Activities: 
Training and capacity building
Documentation and Publication
Data Bank/ Resource Centre
Programme support and facilitation
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