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The Regions and districts in Ghana

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Image Northern Region Ghana Northern (18)

The Northern Region (pop 2,479,461) which occupies an area of about 70,383 square kilometres, is the largest region in Ghana in terms of land area. It shares boundaries with the Upper East and the Upper West Regions to the north, the Brong Ahafo and the Volta Regions to the south, and two neighbouring countries, the Republic of Togo to the east, and La Cote d’ Ivoire to the west.

The region has 20 districts and the capital city is Tamale. Northern Region is home to Mole National park, a popular tourist attraction. More than 75% of the economic activity is agricultural. The official language is English, but local languages such as Dagbani and Mampruli are pervasive.

The land is mostly low lying except in the north-eastern corner with the Gambaga escarpment and along the western corridor. The region is drained by the Black and white Volta and their tributaries, Rivers Nasia, Daka, etc.

The predominant vegetation is grassland and savanna, dotted with baobab trees. The climate of the region is relatively dry, with a single rainy season that begins in May and ends in October. The amount of rainfall recorded annually varies between 750 mm and 1050 mm. The dry season starts in November and ends in March/April with maximum temperatures occurring towards the end of the dry season.

(Source: wikipedia)

Image Upper East Region Upper East (17)

Upper East Region (pop 1,046,545) is located in the north-eastern corner of the country. The capital city is Bolgatanga, known commonly as 'Bolga'. It is bordered to the north by Burkina Faso, the east by the Republic of Togo, the west by Sissala in Upper West and the south by West Mamprusi in Northern Region. The land is relatively flat with a few hills to the East and southeast. The total land area is about 8,842 sq km, which translates into 2.7 per cent of the total land area of the country.

It is divided into 10 districts, although the centre of the population is clustered in Bolga. The region is 80% rural agrarian.

(Source: wikipedia)

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