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Presby Agric Station (PAS) - Tamale

Organisation Type: 
Regional NGO
Number of Staff : 
The Station was opened in 1975 by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Dutch and Ghana Governments. The pioneering work of the Station was done by Mr. Ronne Tonne, a CUSO Agriculturist from 1972 – 1972 followed in succession by Mr. Roland Leichty, 1973-1974, Mr Paul Christopher, 1974-1975 and Mr. Keitis Yoda, 1975-1976.Within the above period the programme was under the supervision of Mr. Karl Rigsters, the then Project Manager of Garu Agricultural Station. From 1976-1983 Mr. Stan Frayenberger, an American Agriculturalist, began the consolidation phase of the Agricultural Extension programme.In 1983 Mr. Andre De Jager, a Dutch Agriculturist, took over the administration of the Station until 1987 when Mr. Dan Kolbilla, a Ghanaian, was appointed to understudy Mr. De Jager. He eventually took over the responsibility in 1988.
To meet the agricultural input needs of the people in the area
To increase food production in the area and alongside this promote cash crop production especially kenaf and cotton
Nutrition improvement (primary Health Care) for the under-five years children within the area
Partner Activities
Supply of inputs such as fertilisers, seed and farm implements
Promotion of animal traction
Digging of hand-dug wells
Staff capacity building through periodic workshops
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