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Farmers Capacity Development Project (FCDP)


The Farmers Capacity Development Project (FCDP) is a three (3) year project with funding from AGRA –FOSCA . FCDP overall goal is to enhance the business capacity of FBOs for improved business orientation, service delivery and food security in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Its specific objectives are:

Project Goal: 
The FCDP project builds on the collaborative work and experiences of IFDC/AGRA Farmer-to-Market (FtM) project of IFDC and FAMAR Project of ACDEP over the years in these four districts. It seeks to strengthen the business capacities of the FBOs at both the community and district levels to become strong and viable enterprises, business oriented and be able to negotiate for services for their members. It is anticipated that this will further enhance district FBOs capacities to improve the coordination of their member FBOs activities in the communities.
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of 350 FBOs on business plans development and implementation for enterprise upgrading by 2015.
  • To improve FBO marketing structures and linkages in the four targeted districts by 2015.
  • To strengthen the institutional capacities of 350 FBOs to meet the needs of their smallholder farmers in the four targeted districts by 2015
Target Group: 
The FCD Project will directly benefit 350 farmer organizations made up of 7,000 men and women smallholder farmers in the Wa East, Wa West, Sissala East and Sissala West Districts of the Upper-West Region of Ghana. The project will build a delivery platform through FBOs that can reach many more of farmers in the Upper West Region The target beneficiaries are members of traditional households with an average size of 10 people per household. The illiteracy rate in the targeted communities is over 80% and even higher among female farmers. These are mainly the membership of primary and secondary district level farmers’ organizations. The project will initially target 209 primary FBOs, 4 secondary FBOs and 1 tertiary/regional FO that were facilitated by ACDEP in the Upper West Region. FCDP will then scale-up to reach additional 141 primary FBOs facilitated by ACDEP under NRGP in all the target districts by December, 2015.
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