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Tumu Deanery Rural Integrated Development Programme - Tumu Station

Organisation Type: 
Regional NGO
Number of Staff
1 978
Commencing over 35 years ago, TUDRIDEP has a mission of empowering rural resource poor people to claim their rightful place in the socio-economic and political environment that they find themselves, tailored towards a vision of an egalitarian and self reliant society. With a 7-member Board of Trustees in place, the organization has a total staff of 24 operating in 3 districts of Sissala East, Sissala West and Wa East districts of the UWR. Programmes now pursued are in micro finance, enterprise and market linkages, environmental conservation, gender analysis, HIV/AIDS education, cooperative development, market access and small ruminant production Currently TUDRIDEP-Funsi operates in two districts in Wa East and Dafiama, Bussie and Issah Districts of the Upper West Region. TUDRIDEP is a registered organization by limited guarantee with the Registrar General Department G.27-071 and the Department of Social Welfare.

TUDRIDEP's mission is to empower rural resource poor people to claim their rightful place in the socio-economic and political environment they find themselves and to develop skills and attitude that lead to economic, social and cultural development as a way towards greater human dignity.


The vision of TUDRIDEP is an egalitarian, conscious and self-reliant society with sustainable sources of livelihood.

Recent Accomplishments: 
Food Security and Market Access
Small Ruminants
Women Credit and Development
Environmental Conservation
Water and Sanitation
Assist rural people to be food secured by taking advantage of viable aspects of the agricultural value chain
Facilitate the access to finance to help develop rural micro enterprises
Promote quality basic education by facilitating enrolment, pupil retention and effective teaching and learning
Develop the capacity of the youth for them to be engaged in viable enterprises
Raise the consciousness of rural people about preventive health towards healthy behavioral change
Raise environmental consciousness of society for a healthy earth for posterity
Partner Activities: 
Food Security
Microfinance and Micro Enterprise Development
Youth Skill Training
Environment and Climate Change
Diversification of Rural Incomes
Dry season gardening
Shea butter/ groundnut oil processing
Advocacy and Lobbying for rural development
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