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Zasilari Ecological Farms Project

Organisation Type
Regional NGO
ZEFP is a local and non-profit making development NGO which networks, advocates, and also provides support to Women and Farmer Associations with the aim of complementing the nation’s efforts in fighting rural poverty in the northern Ghana. The principal objective of ZEFP is to upscale environmentally friendly innovative approach in food production to improving livelihoods of the rural poor small holder farmer in the northern Ghana

To complement the nation’s efforts in developing the agricultural base as the backbone of local economy (P14, P30, MTDP ) through organic farming technology (for food security) and sustainable use of natural resources in the district.


Fighting rural Poverty through sustainable natural resource management for food and income security in the northern Ghana

Recent Accomplishments: 
Moatani women sustainable land management[SLM] project under SCI-SLM- a total of 100 household women trained and now practice pit composting for improved crop yields
Guabuliga gully control, terracing and stone bonding project under GOAP
249 acres of Afforestation project established for 5 communities under ECCRING
1000 vulnerable farmers supported with drought resistant livestock breeds as climate change adaptation strategy under ECCRING projects
2485 at risk poor farmers supported to grow Maize, soya and cowpea climate resilience seeds in 5 communities in support of food security needs
625 women trained and supported to produced their own energy saving stoves to reduce house hold consumption of fuel/day
300 women supported to process quality shea butter, soap and pomade as IGA strategies to increase economic income under climate change adaptation
Desertification and dry land control advocacy project under KASA aimed at pushing Ghana government to address desertification and its related poverty induced issues as a priority in the northern Ghana
Bringing hope to the distressed poor rural peasant farmer.
To facilitate food security initiatives for the project beneficiaries to adapt to environmental and climate change
To provide and support basic organic/ecological agricultural training and technology in rural communities
To identify and support viable farm animal rearing opportunities in rural communities
To promote sound and sustainable environmental resources management
To boost household incomes through practical training in income generating activities
Partner Activities: 
The Organic farming techniques of compost building and its application
Post-harvest lost management technology
Farm animal rearing implemented through support for the local women and the youth
Dry seasons and small irrigation farming are incorporated to support farmer’s income and nutrition during long awaiting dry season period
Tree growing activities
Women income generating activities
Supporting household energy saving stoves construction


  • ZEFP headquarters

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