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Expanding Climate Change Resilience in Northern Ghana (ECCRING)


Climate change is directly impacting lives in Northern Ghana. Climate change adaptation is about enabling communities to anticipate and cope with the effects of climate change. This is best achieved through gender-sensitive, integrated and innovative approaches that touch on the following two key areas:
1. Food security and livelihoods – promoting food self-reliance as well as livelihoods security and diversification to give communities a greater range of coping mechanisms when faced with climate shocks.
2. Disaster risk reduction – putting in place effective early warning and response systems and emphasizing disaster preparedness.

Project Goal: 
The $2.6 million Expanding Climate Change Resilience in Northern Ghana (ECCRING) Project aims to increase the resilience to climate change of 10,000 (45% women) women and men in targeted communities in four districts of the Northern and Upper East Regions. This will be achieved through two key intermediate outcomes: 1. Increased adaptive capacity in targeted community structures and district and regional organizations to develop gender-responsive climate adaptation plans and projects and gender-responsive climate-related disaster risk reduction strategies. 2. Increased adoption of gender-responsive climate-resilient livelihood strategies and technologies by vulnerable women and men in the targeted communities.

Implementing Partner

Zasilari Ecological Farms Project

ZEFP is a local and non-profit making development NGO which networks, advocates, and also provides support to Women and Farmer Associations with the aim of complementing the nation’s efforts in fighting rural poverty in the northern Ghana.

Regional NGO
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