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Canadian Hunger Foundation

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International NGO
The Canadian Hunger Foundation’s fundamental approach is to respect and empower local populations as architects of their own development. This approach helps identify hidden assets, untapped potential, networks of people, skills and resources — all of which give communities the power to transform themselves and create stable and sustainable livelihoods. We look deeper into a community, peering into places no one has ever looked before, to discover what's right with the picture. When communities own development--when families drive change with their insights and enthusiasm-- we can tap vast reservoirs of potential and see change that lasts for generations. Entire communities are working closely with CHF to design and implement projects, while also providing advice throughout the process. The result is that CHF’s programming is building sustainable results and resilient communities.

CHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling poor rural communities in developing countries to attain sustainable livelihoods.

That’s our mission. However, those words don’t express all that we bring to it — the passion for change, the determination to produce visible results, and the commitment to ensure that every single person who has anything to do with a community has the opportunity to make it a better one.


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Implementation 10/23/2013


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